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WS-50BRIL(SC) Manual Screen 50″ x 50″


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Manual Screen with Speed Reducing

The Brilliance Series screens showcase a sturdy yet elegant hexagon metal casing. Extra large rolling rods and parts ensure this screen can tackle any heavy duty application. With size available up to 150”, the screens are a perfect fit for using in mid to large sized venues. Installation bracket, ceiling mount and suspended are available for all applications.

Self-Lock Limitless Positioning

The Self-Lock Limitless Positioning function is composed of two flywheel locking mechanisms. The user simply needs to hold the screen at any desired position for 3 seconds and screen will lock on it own.

Wrinkle Free Screen

Because the screen can be positioned at any desired point with virtually no limitation, when the screen is retracted into the casing there are no springs or pressure point. This prevents the screen having any unneeded stress points which cause wrinkles. With this feature, all Somason screens are wrinkle free.


  • Installation
    Wall Mount and Ceiling Mount are available for installation. Tightening screens ensure the screen remains locked and secured.
  • Ornament Board is optional (Hidden, Ceiling)
    Somason’s Ornament Board is especially designed for hidden installation, it is optional for actual situation, and can be also used in Grilled-Ceiling screen.
Manual Brilliance Screen (WS-xxBRIL)
Format Specification
Viewing Area
(W x H) (cm)
L (cm) B1 (cm)  B2/B3 (cm) Casing Size
(LxHxW) (cm)
Net/Gross Weight
Stock Availability
 16:9 100 221×125 240 5  4/50 293x22x17 18/21 Available
120 266×150 285 5  4/50 337x22x17 20.8/24.2 Available
4:3 100 203×152 222 5  4/8 275×22×17 17.2/20 Available
120 240×176 264 5  4/8 306×22×17 19.2/22.4 Available
150 282×211 335 5  4/8 377×22×17 26.8/30.9 Available
1:1 84×84 203×203 232 5  4/8 275x22x17 17.7/20.5 Available
96×96 234×234 264 5  4/8 306x22x17 20/23 Available
50×50 127×127 150 5  4/8 185x22x17 9/10 Available


  • Unremarked measurements are default to be MM.
  • Side borders of B1 are both 50mm.
  • For recess-ceiling installation design, the length / width / height of the groove need to be added by 100mm / 60mm / 60mm respectively.
  • Above parameters could be changed due to product improvement.

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