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About Somason

Somason is an Indonesian brand whose products are imported from China with international quality marketed in more than 70 countries. Somason began to be marketed in the year 2006. At first somason just thrust some display product models only, such as manual screen, tripod screen, motorized screen and folding screen. . But along with the growing need for widescreen displays not only in industry, business and government, finally somason also launched home based products such as fixed screens, tension screens and product mobility such as pull-up screens and table screens.

To complement the customer’s need to support products such as projector bracket and tv bracket. In this year we are also equipped with projector bracket and tv bracket, as well as other supporting accessories such as desktop outlets, switches, wireless and video cable.

Behind the development of somason products that have been more than 10 years, the success of the Brand Somason can not be separated from the company that has contributed in recruiting trademark somason, namely PT. Kundalini Saktisejati

About PT. Kundalini Saktisejati

Overview of PT. Kundalini Saktisejati

  • A company engaged in the sale of audio visual equipment has been established since 1986, initially selling office and school equipment such as overhead projectors, transparency films, screens, other support tools. As for the brands sold at the time: 3M, PLUS, Panasonic.
  • In the year of 1987 Began marketing Bretford’s Screen from the United States, as a 3M product duo later known as OHP (overhead projector)
  • In the year of 1989  the company added to the treasury of its products by importing display products of Draper and Dalite brands, which is also a brand of the United States.
  • After 10 years passed, many companies from China are started making and producing the screen with low and very competitive price. This makes our products less competitive in the market, and requires us to find solutions to win the competition, eventually the company decided to collaborate and also bring products from China and give local Indonesia brand. At the end of the year 2005 Our product starts to be marketed with cheaper price options but the quality is more or less the same as any other American brand and given the product name under the brand “SOMASON“.
  • PT. Kundalini is still innovating and adding treasury products not only in audio-visual products, but also other products such as computers, telecommunications, and consumer products.
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