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  • BCL-XXXLIT series front
  • BCL-XXXLIT series right
  • BCL-XXXLIT series tray
  • BCL-XXXLIT series detail scissor
  • BCL-XXXLIT series detail motor
  • BCL-XXXLIT series front
  • BCL-XXXLIT series right
  • BCL-XXXLIT series tray
  • BCL-XXXLIT series detail scissor
  • BCL-XXXLIT series detail motor

BCL-200LIT Projector Lift (200cm)


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The product adopts the Tubular motor with upper and lower limit, and cross scissor shaped design with electronic position-fixing. It possesses the characteristics including attractive appearance, smooth & quiet moving, locating with precision, comprehensive functions, convenient installation, simple operation & high capacity. It’s rich in controlling seams that can connect the CRESTRON, AMX directly to control the machines by central control or single control. It is widely used for projector engineering, TV & Video conferencing systems, large-conferencing system and so on

Heavy-Duty Belt with Fireproof

  • Equipped with heavy-duty tubular motor and fireproof belt, the operation of the lift is smooth and easy.

Cable Management

  • All sorts of cables are well managed inside the cable belt which ensure the smooth operation of the lift

Universal Installation

  • Equipped with universal panel for different types of projectors.

Adjustable Height

  • By adjusting the height of the screw bar, the suitable height for projector is flexible up to 200m, thicker than this can be archieved with extended screw bars.

Specified for simplified projects

  • Targeting the needs for simple structures in different projects, the standard accessories are highly simplified with only power connection interface, it can be upgraded to be in-line switch or remote control based on requests.

Heavy-Duty Tubular Motor

  • For example take model BCL-100LIT with 1 meter range, the weight capacity is up to 25Kg

Optional Accessories

  • Remote Controller
  • External Remote Control Box
  • Installation Bar (4pcs)


  • Product Dimensions (DxWxH) : 574 x 550 x 300 mm
  • Net Weight : 19 kg
  • Max Projector Dimension (WxHxL) :460 x 240 x 460 mm
  • Max Load : 20 kg
  • Max Travel : 2000 mm
  • Ceiling Opening Dimensions (WxL): 605 x 605 mm
  • Power  : 170w
  • Noise : ≤ 45dB
  • Voltage : 220/110V

Remarks :

  • H1 Means minimum Height of the lift when H2 is adjusted to minimum (10mm)
  • When the projector is thicker than 200mm, you can replace the screw bar to get the required H2 dimension.


BCL-200LIT : H1 : 300 mm, H4 : 240 mm, H5 : 275mm

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